Questions, we all have them...here's some we think you'll like the answers to.

Do you offer soft drinks?
Yes, we offer a full soft drink selection from sodas, presses and juices and also no alcohol gins, lagers, prosecco and rums, along with a mocktail menu if you wish.

What power source do you need? We have fridges on board, so we need power, we can do a couple of things, we can use an electric hook up, or we can use a generator.

Do you have insurance? Yes. We have Public Liability Insurance.

What if we need a licence? If your event requires a licence we will take care of this for you. If a licence is required (a TEN or Temporary Event Notice to give its full name) we would ask for at least 3 weeks notice of a booking in order to get all the paperwork in place.

Do you use real glasses, or disposable? We supply the highest quality recyclable glassware(plastic), which is either reused or recycled and the end on every event. We have every style glass you can think of from pint, to balloon, to flute to Martini and everything in between. We have enough ‘glass’ to supply welcome and table drinks, if you decide you want a full bar if ‘glass’ we can hire in.

What’s your cancellation policy? We would request a minimum of 4 weeks & any deposit/payment will be fully refunded via the method it was paid, anything less the deposit will not be refundable as we will have made orders, applied for licences (if applicable) & would have no time to rebook that date out.

How much notice do you need for us to book you? Ideally 3 weeks, especially if a licence is required.

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