Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The bit that we all have to have, I will keep it as short, sweet and simple as possible….

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, attempt to purchase or consume alcohol at the event. We would strongly suggest that anyone lucky enough to look under the age of 25 (yes 25, that’s the governments campaign, there’s posters any everything!) to please have some photo ID with proof of age to hand, or we will not be able to serve you. Persons buying or attempting to buy alcohol for someone under the age of 18, or someone who has been previously refused service by our bar staff, will also be refused service.
We reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone who appears to be excessively drunk, disruptive, uses threatening or abusive behaviour towards staff or anyone else at the event.
These decisions made by our bar staff are final.
Our bar staff reserve the right to entirely close the bar at any time if, in their opinion, intolerable behaviour has erupted.
Our staffs safety is paramount as is our clients and their guests – we all want everyone to enjoy a fun filled happy event, but should the above stated occur, we will take the measures mentioned as a last resort.
Onto breakages: We won’t lose any sleep over our recyclable glassware taking a bash, but the trailers themselves, the pop-up bars, the cocktails bars and all the effects/furniture we use to decorate, if these get damaged, the client must replace like for like, or make good. As we decorate to suit your personal theme, we issue a printed copy of the specific decorations (for example glass storm lanterns), for our client to agree and sign.
The law bit about Paying Customers and our responsibility as a license holder:
We are responsible for the operation of our clients bar at the event, this is in accordance with the temporary event notice we will have obtained. This means the part of the premises used, be it a marquee, private house, field, will be licensed for the duration of the event to permit the retail sale of alcohol, and the 2003 licensing law will be in operation. If the premises already has a license, we will need to see a copy of this prior our service. One of the responsibilities we must adhere to is that guests must purchase their drinks at the event from the bar we provide you. Bringing their own drinks (alcoholic or non-alcohol) to consume is a no no, as it’s a licensing condition, but fear not, we don’t charge a fortune so you won’t be out of pocket, but we will be keeping the council happy! You can take drinks purchased from us elsewhere away from the event premises, as we always tick that box when we apply for our event notice, so you’re not trapped! Weddings, and providing your own table wine and/or welcome drinks is absolutely ok, just as long as our bar starts once those drinks are done and dusted, eg: the welcome drinks and wedding breakfast done by 630pm, we start at 630pm, that’s a really vague example and to be honest, any scenario can be discussed to accommodate your specific wishes.
So what happens when you cancel:
We do ask for a minimum of 6 weeks notice, after that we will have to retain the deposit (because its not likely we could refill the date, especially given an event notice takes 2 weeks minimum), but anytime before that we will return your deposit (or any monies paid), in full via the same payment method it was paid. In the instance of something out of all our control (some would say an ‘act of god’/’mother nature’) flooding, storms and the like, and this happened after our 2 week notice window, fear not, we will return any monies pain in full, as we approach insurance territory then!
Our biggest condition is that you all have the best time, and make great memories at the event, whatever that may be, where we will be having the pleasure of serving you.