Packages & Pricing

  • The Exmoor Cash Bar

    Is exactly that, guests pay for all their drinks. We accept cash or card* payments. (*subject to mobile/WiFi connection, so please do double check your event location for this).

  • The Dartmoor Token Bar

    For when you ‘want to get a round in’. A little treat for your guests. prepaid tokens are pre paid for by you, given to your guests which they exchange for a glass of fizz or a non alcoholic alternative, following which we revert back to a cash bar. We provide the tokens, we have a lovely selection to choose from.

  • The Shetland Open Bar

    When you want to give your guests a free bar. A couple of options on this one, either pick a limit, pre pay, once that is met the bar reverts back to a cash bar, or pick a limit, pre pay, if this is met and you want to continue to offer guests a free bar, you settle the balance at the end of the event.

  • The Hire

    The Hire is £145 with a fully stocked bar (bespoke if desired).

  • All packages include trained staff, recyclable glassware (glass available upon request), TEN, we can also supply a garden tent, gazebos, mini cigar bar, generator (should electric be unavailable), frozen cocktails, ice pops and seating, all for no additional charge.

  • We don’t operate a minimum spend policy, we don’t want you worried about this during your special event, we want you to relax and enjoy!

  • Fancy a theme?

    We can, in addition to carrying our fully stocked bar, run a theme. For example, you may desire a Pimms event, in that case we will breakout the vintage Union Jack bunting, patriotic gazebo, load up with fruit, cucumber, mint, ice, jugs & of course a stack of Pimms and be on our way! So, if you have a theme wish, we can definitely make that happen.